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Why did I leave Ireland?

After living in Ireland for more than 3 years, I have concluded that I needed a another change in life! So, I have chosen to pursue an old dream of learning French and for that, there is no better way than moving to France.

There are many more reasons why France was my choice nº 1 and why Ireland, a country which I have plenty to be thankful for, was not able to help me fulfill the goal of taking a master course. For those who are just arrived in Ireland, soon you will learn that to be able to go for a higher education there, you will need at the minimum the amount of 12,000 euros just because you are like me a non-European citizen.

As I got pretty tired slaving away in order to save that huge amount, I started researching other possibilities.

Fortunally, I discovered that there are many other countries in Europe, where non-European citizens can access higher education for free or at a affordable tuition fee. Some of them are Germany, Holland, Finland and, of course, France.

Although, I researched online, my decision was made mostly because of a conversation I had with a Brazilian colleague during English classes that I learned about the Université de Rennes 1 and its master courses taught in English combined with 300 hour-French courses for 6,500 euros.

Although that conversation had happened a long time ago, once the seed was planted, there is no way to escape. Somehow everything that happens afterwards brought me to start from scratch.

Naturally that moving country is not a piece of cake. However, after having dealing with some obstacles in order to apply for the university as well as for my French visa, I finally set my feet in Rennes integrating the MBA course in International Management at the Université de Rennes 1.

It was a great start as I have been warmly welcomed, but this in a subject for a post that you can check here.


My new friend Elvis proud of becoming part of IGR.

I am Patricia, 28 years old. A Journalist doing a master in International Management at IGR-IAE, Université de Rennes 1, Rennes, France @paty.costa.freire

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