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Life in Rennes: my first impressions

I have been friendly welcomed by the University. Previously my departure, I had been contacted by the college association Move & Share to be informed that my French body would collect me at the bus station to take me to the CROUS accommodation. And that is how it went on, the poor boy had to help me with my 3 luggage (Good for me). At the college, we had an Induction Day.

Unfortunately, I caught only the second part of the induction as I could not find the right campus (I had no idea the university had so many campuses). Anyhow, it was scary, but exciting venturing out into that strange new world full of students coming from everywhere. Funny enough, I was the only Brazilian where younger from Japan, China, USA, India, Jordan, Israel, Iran, Mexico, Turkey and so on were cautiously sat and observant to the lecturer.

I, on the contrary, could not stop the feeling of happiness. That feeling that reveals that you finally made the right choice. Because, I tell you guys there are good and bad ones and in 2019, I have chosen poorly many times. Life it is and the only way to distinguish them is by observing your own feelings. Lesson learned!

International Students Welcome Event

Lesson learned! And here am I with my new friends going to the Welcoming Event, where the headmaster, course coordinators, and other lectures were there to get us into what is going on at University of Rennes 1. Rennes is this city where 2/3 of the population are students. Fantastic! That must mean that the other 1/3 must be professors, bus drivers, and hospitality staff.

While watching the presentation in both French and English, I traveled many years back when I first put my feet at my journalism college in Sao Paulo. That 17-year-old girl so naive and full of dreams, now so much more experienced, proved still able to reinvent, to re-start from scratch, to fight for the unknown. That is was what I had been looking for, in a nutshell, the chance to feel freshly baked. And for that, I am already thanked for!

It was only the second week in Rennes and I have already that will have plenty to do and to write about it!

I am Patricia, 28 years old. A Journalist doing a master in International Management at IGR-IAE, Université de Rennes 1, Rennes, France @paty.costa.freire

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