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Coronavirus: an opportunity to change our lives



For many people being at home with no prediction of when they will have their social life back again is terrifying. In some cases, is even worse than the Coronavirus (Covid-19) itself. Many people cannot face their own diseases.

As a Journalist and now a student living abroad, I am facing myself this isolation in my bedroom. I am Brazilian and I came to Ireland in order to improve my English. I want to do a Master’s in Cinema and start a new career as a filmmaker. For this reason, last year, I decided to change my life. It is a long story for another article.

I arrived in Ireland two months ago, full of goals and hope. I knew that I would have a great experience here and learn a lot. For now, I work as an Au Pair for a lovely Irish family. They went to the countryside for these weeks of Quarantine. Sometimes, I go shopping and I walk in the local park. I love breath fresh air and see people, is even better when the sky is bright, and the sun is shining. Here in Ireland, the weather does not help as most of the time is cloudy and very cold. Little by little, I am getting used to it.

Being alone is hard for human beings, since we have been raised and stimulated to live in community, which means always to be with someone else: a member of our family, friends, flat mates or in a couple (sometimes even strangers). In a certain way, being alone means that we are not good enough. That is one of the reasons why we are always trying to please others, even if by doing this we are not being truthy ourselves; the aim is not to be alone.

Sad woman hug her knee,nobody

For a long time, we have been avoiding looking into ourselves and see who we really are. We have been neglecting our dreams and ignoring our purpose. We’ve given up of understand the meaning of life. We got used to live in a such hectic routine, having no free time, that is what we say: “Time flies”, “time is money”. We need to study hard, work hard so we can be competitive, so we can be successful.

What time do we have to investigate ourselves? What time do we have to think deeply? We make choices all the time. Which one really comes from our hearts? Do we have time to listen to our hearts?

Well done. Now we have this time. We are now obligated to be at home, isolated, just with ourselves and our families.

What was the last time did you have fun with your friends, not using cellphone and being truthy present? And with your family? Everywhere I go, I see a crowd of people together, but alone. They are physically present; however, their attention is not there, is with someone else on social medias or others chats. We got used to be together, but not connected.

In my point of view, this virus (Covid-19) came just in time to stop us of living automatically. It has had the power to change the course of our lives, the way we have been living, showing us that we do not have any control of our lives. Even governments from all over the world do not know how to solve it. This virus put us all together on the same boat: rich, poor, black, wight, not matter religion, creeds, race. All human beings are afraid of it. Nobody is immune.

In sum, what is the lesson that we need to learn from it? Are we going to keep blind or are we going to try to change the way we have been living Will we keep this world split, where each country tries to be more powerful than the other, or are we going to fight together, helping each other? In which world do you wanna live and what can you do to reach this goal?

Remember: the first thing we need to change in the world is ourselves and the time has come.

I am not a religious person, but I am faithful. I believe in a better world, with better people. I know for sure that everything happens for a reason, there is no coincidence. I truly believe that behind the darkness there is always a great light, we just need to push ourselves to see it. I do know that we are able to overcome this period, that is why I ask to take this time to relate to our soul, our truly essence. It is from the inside that each one of us can found its own cure.


Jornalista, roteirista e diretora de cinema. Sou apaixonada pela vida em todas as suas formas. Autoconhecimento, psicologia e filosofia são meus temas preferidos, assim como espiritualidade. Gosto de escrever sobre o que observo e penso. Adoro trazer reflexões sobre comportamento humano e contribuir para a expansão da consciência, seja em textos, vídeos ou filmes. ;) Conheça mais: @raq_freire | @raquel.freire_filmmaker


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