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Little happiness at Covid-times

I have once shared with you my little childhood happiness, those past moments that will no longer come back to me. Nevertheless, we are now living a time that will be marked in history as the time when Covid-19 invaded our lives. So, today I ask you what memories are you building now for the future? I do not know about you, but I am certainly not sat down just waiting for it to pass. I am looking to find ways to fill this period with moments of little happiness and joy.





Alike those pleasures we get when we have a hot shower after having getting completely soaked in a cold rain, eating after being starving for a long time, getting an unexpected gift or a kind compliment, having a nice and warm cup of tea later in the afternoon, or even the feeling of being in love, why not?

They are so tiny moments with a huge potential to generate feelings of joy. Therefore, we should never deprive ourselves from them. Me, I have been re-experimenting some of them as well as trying out some others. Who knows me well, this must be shocking, as I have taken pleasure out practicing sports. (“I am ok. Don’t worry!”).

I have been so proud of me, as last Sunday I was able to run 10 rounds in the football pitch.

(???!!!) When, How and with Whom. Is it allowed?

Anne Frank’s said in her diary “As long as the sky outside is blue, I will know God exists” and I say that as long as I am alive, being free is the only right I will never give up on. So, I have been availing well of my small portion of daily freedom (that everyone still has), which it has been ignored for some people who not only locked themselves 24h per 7, but take the right of judging other who acknowledge the benefits of fresh air and sunlight in keeping their physical and mental health.

My story of practicing sports started 3 weeks ago when I happened to encounter an acquaintance in one of my trips to the supermarket. I know it is still to soon to celebrate, but the fact I have been able to include sports time in my busy daily schedule means a lot to me. Differently from what you might be thinking, I have no eager to change anything in my body, only in my attitude and posture towards life. Question: How practicing sports can help me with it?

It is not the first time I have tried to become a more active person; I have tried and failed several times. The main reason was because I have never been able to take pleasure on this activity. I have been always carried out sports activities (running, gym, or even yoga) fearing the pain and with a fix idea of it as a big waste of time (honestly). It is no surprise that I have never succeed. Have you ever tried any new activity in such a bad mood?

Having someone to push you it is a perfect way to keep motivated to practice sports or any other activity

So, what is different at this time?

My posture has been changed once I found someone who asked me the right questions. “Why do you wanna include this in your life? What do you want to reach?. It might look very simple questions, but they were crucial to make me understand that I needed a clear objective or at least to understand the reasons why I felt like trying it again. “If you do not know the reasons why you are doing this, you should not even try or maybe keep it for another moment“, he said.

I was able to find my answers doing a self SWOT analysis, in which I listed my strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities. I discovered that I have two serious weakness: indiscipline and this inner incapacity to include new habits in my life, even more when they include feeling pain. Since a child, I have been trying to avoid getting hurt both physically and emotionally ( a subject for another post).

I spend more than 7 hours everyday studying online. My classes start at 9 am and sometimes finishes 19h. It is quite a long time indoors.

Why? here it comes the question!

I do not know the reasons why feeling pain has always caused me so much fright. To understand it, I will have to make a deeper investigation. For now, I have learned that feeling pain is as natural as any other feelings we have and a crucial one, since it triggers our defensive system. So, instead of being trying to avoiding pain, what I should have been doing was to try to live well with it, by strengthening my body to better deal with it in case of need. “No pain, no gain” as the saying goes. Nevertheless, it is not about the pain, but the pleasure we get after. And I have finally tasted it.

What a wonderful sensation of feeling the heat travelling throughout my body (bottom to top), hearing the fast heart beats and my short breath waiting till every single muscle calm down, but not before the endorphin, a natural substance is released by our brains, giving a natural sensation of well-being that I choose to name it now on my newest little happiness moment.

This picture is a Graphite on a building very close to the Crous Beaulieu. It is really cute!

What else gives us this same sensation, but with less efforts?

Appreciation and gratitude. I have also taken time to say thanks for being alive and able to appreciate the beautiful days that rise over my eyes each day. Now, the spring has arrived in Rennes and this city has never looked so graceful. Each day, I have been greeted by the sound of birds, a blue clear sky and the sun shining over our heads. I do feel sorry for those people who have been depriving themselves from enjoying at least few minutes of it. It will not cause the Apocalypse. On the other hand, it would increase the feeling of confidence and certitude that everything will just be fine, after all: “Après la pluie, le beautemps”.

More often, I have been killing time cooking and carefully chewing every single bite of food. It has served the purpose of keeping me in the present moment, decrease any anxiety feelings that might come out of the blue ( with no apparently explanation), as well as increasing my feeling of luckiness for knowing that I have all that I need for my survival, though it does not keep my mind away from reflecting on what is going on outside, thinking and praying for others who are facing worst situations than me.

Moreover, as much as I can manage the time, another hobby of mine is to share with you my experiences, thoughts and criticisms towards our modern society. I reckon my life is seriously funny and sometimes worth being shared. Reading books and other articles from the other writers of BAB and other blogs cheers me up likewise.


What are you waiting to start changing?

If you would like to know more about promoting changes in your life even in Covid-time, check on my friend’s blog, he himself has been taken great steps towards. As a result, he has been sharing instructions on “www.learn-do-share.com.”. As for me, it has been with his help that I got the necessary momentum to put an end on my sedentary habits.

More articles, check on here: http://www.broadenabroad.com

This picture was taken around 7 am in the morning. How beautiful is Rennes when the sun rises over our lives.





I am Patricia, 28 years old. A Journalist doing a master in International Management at IGR-IAE, Université de Rennes 1, Rennes, France @paty.costa.freire

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