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Positivism during coronavirus – “Corona Virus Got Talent”

“Being happy doesn’t mean everything is perfect. This means that you have decided to look beyond the imperfections” Aristotle

Apart from the fact that these few months are a time of sanitary challenge, social isolation and personal wake up… so it is the perfect time for the start of a new world show called “Corona Virus Got Talent”. People could demonstrate the result of their ever-increasing creative outbursts and hidden skills. Some of the talents might be: being able to follow and experiment with recipes without having the whole kitchen exploded; others are ready to publish a book “How to Become a Mister Muscle at Home”, and for others, the talent may just be inventing “100 Ways NOT to Kill your partner during quarantine.”

Here in Rennes, we are not left behind… it turned out that I was surrounded by a world of music and undiscovered (yet) stars.

I would like to share with you something funny that has happened to me. There are two boys in the rooms next to mine – one Chinese and one Colombian. One night, at the beginning of the quarantine, I hear some noise…music? I start listening and I hear…that my neighbor from the East is singing! Very sensuously, he organized a concert in which he poured his soul and shared with us, the lucky ones, the colorful art of Chinese music. (My Chinese is not at such a high level, so I have no idea what was he singing about).

Yesterday, my other neighbor – who is often active during the middle of the night when his friends from the other part of the world are awake, was also quite emotional. Besides talking and laughing loudly with his friends (yes, the walls are quite thin and sometimes we hear more than we would have asked for), they were obviously having a musical contest. As at 1 o-clock he started passionately singing serenade in Spanish as if standing underneath the balcony of his beloved Consuelo…

Who said that man cannot and don’t love singing? I can definitely confirm – the quarantine hits everyone in expected and not so expected ways. No matter gender, nationality… or hour of the night. At one point, you become a “victim” of the current madness. At least we are having fun!

Now it is time for you, I would be happy if you share your point of view as well:

* What talent did you discover during this isolation – in yourself or someone around you?

* Moreover, if you have an interesting story or event that has happened during the quarantine, please come and share it with us!

My name is Slaveya Tsvetarska (a Nightingale within the flowers). I was born in Bulgaria but I consider my soul international. I have lived for some time in France and USA, I have travelled big part of Europe and have started to discover new continents. I am currently living in Rennes, France where I am pursuing my Masters in International HR. I would love to share with you funny stories which I have experienced and some tips about living abroad – they might give you some insights or amuse you…I hope. I will write in Bulgarian, English and French.

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