10 lessons I learnt by 30

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There are few things in life we can say we know for sure: we are all going to die is one of them. As we experience situations, we learn something. Here, in this article, I am going to share with you some lessons I have learnt from my own experience. They are not things I read, or somebody told me. These lessons have changed the way I see life and my position through it. Consequently, my life has improved and I hope to help you to expand your mind and improve yours.

  1. Everything is possible!

Yes, absolutely everything. Never believe when someone tells you that your dreams, your projects, or something that you believe is not possible. Maybe it takes time, you need to put more effort or do some changings. But it is possible!

2. Everything happens for a greater good, even bad things!

This lesson requires a lot of faith. When something bad happens to us, does not matter what kind of situation is, we feel devastated. We cry and we tend to think it is bad. However, if we look back and pay attention to how this “bad” situation led us for better things, we start to believe that “it was not so bad after all”. Keep this in mind: when something terrible happens to you, there is something much better coming! 😊

3. We never see the big picture

So, stop judging every situation and people as good or bad. This lesson is connected to the previous and the next. The important point is there is no good or bad, right or wrong. It is all about point of views. It is not our job to judge.

4. We see people as we are

The other is a mirror that reflect s what we are. What we do not like in others is what we need to change in ourselves. This one I must admit that I have learnt from Kabbalah, but I have applied in many situations and it worked! Every time I see or talk to someone that I do not feel comfortable for some reasons, I pay attention to what this person is showing me about myself. There is always something important!

5. What we focus on, we attract

This one was not easy to learn and scared me a lot! It is what we pay attention and put energy on. So, focus on what you want and not on the opposite.

Personal archive

6. We are all interconnected

And nothing happens by chance. Every situation and person are here to teach us something. Relationship is about it: exchange learning and experience in order to improve as human being.

7. Before forgiving others, forgive yourself

Forgiveness is an important part of growth. We have always been taught to forgive who has hurt us in some way. However, what they forget is that it does not worth if we do not take our responsibility for what has happened (yes, we are not only victims) and forgive ourselves. That is when we can move on.

8. Focus on the process, not on results

Again, this is another hard one   and goes against what we have learnt previously, mainly in the business environment. Focus on result, they say. I am here to tell you focus on the process and what you learn from it. Having a goal is essential for a meaningful life. Knowing there are more to achieve and work hard to get it is awesome, challenging, exciting. However, enjoying the process and the way, paying attention to people and situations around it are a bonus. If you do everything you can, doing your best, consequently you are going to achieve it. So, relax and appreciate life.

9. Detach

We do not have any control over life, people and future. We do not have control over what others think about us, what they do or how they manage their lives. So, let it go of control. Detach from the past, people, and everything. The only thing we can control (and it is extremely hard) is our mind, our reaction to what happens, and our emotions. That is what we need to take care of. All the rest is just about weighting up what is in your luggage that prevents you from moving forward.

10. What really matter is here and now

Hic et nunc, I love this expression! Nothing is more important than this exactly moment, right now. Close your eyes and look inside, turn your attention to your heart. What are you feeling? If you are not feeling hungry, cold, or sick, everything else is fine. Enjoy this moment and sensation. Focus on what you have, be grateful for being here.

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