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So, it is Christmas…

Christmas is one of the holidays I like the most. In fact, it is my favorite. In addition to celebrating the birth of the Master Jesus, this time brings a terrific energy of communion, harmony, and love. I feel that people are closer and with a more open heart. It would be great if it were like this all year.

I love the get-togethers, from the Santa secret at work, schools and among friends (what I love the most) to family reunions and, of course, the delicious feast of Christmas. I love to meet relatives, exchange gifts, and socialize with the people I love. For a lot of people, unfortunately, that does not sound particularly good. I see many comments that this is a time of falsehood and that people pretend to like each other. It is a pity, and I am sorry for those who live such reality.

This year, Christmas will be different for several reasons, thought. The first is that I am far from the people I love the most and there will be no socializing with friends. The traditional Secret Santa with my friends was done by video (thankfully, we have this feature 😊); I will not be able to hug anyone in my family or eat delicious food made by my mother and aunts. There will be not the end of the year ritual on the beach or somewhere cool.

When the preparations for Christmas started here, and people started decorating their houses, I began to feel sad because “I will not have Christmas.” When asked what my Christmas would be like, I simply replied “a disaster!” Seriously, I started to accept that this would be “the worst Christmas,” and I was okay with that. Nevertheless, I began to reflect on the real importance of that date, and I saw that I was just letting myself go by tradition, by my commonplace.

I realized that, wherever I am, I am never alone. That, despite being physically far away, the people I love and those who love me are just by my side; they are “close” to me. Furthermore, God always places special people in our lives. I live with a wonderful, lovely family, with whom I am going to celebrate Christmas. I have few, but real friends here to socialize and celebrate the arrival of a new coming and promising year. And most importantly: I am healthy and surrounded by love, and everything I need to live this period as incredible as possible.

Many things do not go exactly as we plan very often. To compensate it, many other beautiful things may happen in our lives. I hope we pay more attention and learn to be grateful for what we have, and less for what we “lack.” Because, in fact, everything is complete and perfect the way it is.

Merry Christmas to all of you!

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