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La voilà : rapport d’une brésilienne en France !

Je suis arrivée en Rennes début septembre 2019. J’avais hâte de commencer un nouveau départ en découvrant une nouvelle culture et un nouveau style de vie. Je me disais que les français ne font que boire du vin et manger du pain avec du fromage tous les jours, en profitant en permanence de la ‘belle […]

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Taking control of your life

In the beginning of this year, the Covid-19 came to show us that we do not have any control of our lives. It has shown to us that everything can chance overnight. In one day, we were living our ordinary life, working and gathering with our friends and family. In another, we were just forbidden […]

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Coronavirus: an opportunity to change our lives

  For many people being at home with no prediction of when they will have their social life back again is terrifying. In some cases, is even worse than the Coronavirus (Covid-19) itself. Many people cannot face their own diseases. As a Journalist and now a student living abroad, I am facing myself this isolation […]

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London: Love at the first sight

Traveling abroad has been always a dream for me. I was born in a very small city in Bahia where traveling inside the borders was not so easy, even worse offshore. January 17th, 2014 was the day when I arrived in London for the first time. It was also my first international experience, so you […]

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Pretty little Childhood Happiness

I used to be happy when I was a little child but had no idea. What I once judged an enormous cliche, today I can acknowledge that is pretty much real. Going back home, throw my backpack onto my bed and rushed back way to play with my sister and friends was my routine. That was […]


A blog 4 all!

We are millions of people living abroad, venturing our lives into the unknown. Every day we discover new things, we expand, enlarger, broaden our horizons! And we want to share this new world that opens in front of our eyes with you and among ourselves, through photography, video, and text. This blog is a daring […]