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The darkest side of living abroad: better do not speak about it, but it still exists

I have always been acknowledged as an optimistic person. And indeed, I am. If it were not for this characteristic of mine, I would have never gone so far. For someone born in a city with less than 32,000 inhabitants, most of my close girlfriends got pregnant at 14. Not surprisingly, no one could believe […]

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Intrapersonal relationship: have you ever thought about it?

When we talk about relationship, the first thing that comes to our mind is romantic relationships. However, we have three kind of relationships: intrapersonal (from us to ourselves), interpersonal (from us to others: friends, family, work etc.) and, of course, romantic love, between two parts (or more). In this article, I want to discuss interpersonal […]

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Taking control of your life

In the beginning of this year, the Covid-19 came to show us that we do not have any control of our lives. It has shown to us that everything can chance overnight. In one day, we were living our ordinary life, working and gathering with our friends and family. In another, we were just forbidden […]

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Comfort zone: jump out!

Do you know when is the time to change? Not too far from today, in 2019 I occupied a relatively good position in a multinational Brazilian company, position in which I worked hard to achieve. And still I had great chances of promotion and the possibility of building a successful career in Corporate Communication. I […]

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Dublin through the eyes of a Brazilian filmmaker

My name is Raquel Freire, 30, I am a journalist with a specialization in Business Communications. Last year, in 2019, I decided to change my career and my life. I want to become a filmmaker and follow my purpose in life. On January this year I came to Dublin in order to improve my English. […]

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Coronavirus: an opportunity to change our lives

  For many people being at home with no prediction of when they will have their social life back again is terrifying. In some cases, is even worse than the Coronavirus (Covid-19) itself. Many people cannot face their own diseases. As a Journalist and now a student living abroad, I am facing myself this isolation […]

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Coronavirus: What is in the air?

Regardless what is going on ‘almost’ everywhere in the world, we are all striving to keep on going. Every day, I woke up, brush my teeth, put on clothes, some days make-up, some days, even before combing my hair I move to my office, just beside by bed, to start my online classes. I have […]

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Pour quoi je suis partie d’ Irlande?

Après avoir vécu en Irlande pendant plus de 3 ans, j’ai conclu qu’il me fallait un changement. J’ai donc choisi de poursuivre un vieux rêve d’apprendre le français et pour cela, il n’y a pas de meilleur moyen que de vivre en France.   Il y a bien d’autres raisons pour lesquelles la France était […]

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Why did I leave Ireland?

After living in Ireland for more than 3 years, I have concluded that I needed a another change in life! So, I have chosen to pursue an old dream of learning French and for that, there is no better way than moving to France. There are many more reasons why France was my choice nº […]

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Por que eu deixei a Irlanda?

Após ter vivido por 3 anos na Irlanda, eu cheguei a conclusão de que precisava de uma mudança. Foi assim que eu decidir de me aventurar em busca de um sonho antigo, aprender francês e, para isso, não há melhor forma do que viver na França. É claro que há outras razões pelas as quais […]