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Teach your language in France: application is open

Have been waiting for an opportunity to live in France? So, this is your great chance. The French Government accepts now applications from students wiling to become a Foreign language assistant in France. To participate, you need to: Be a native speaker of the following languages: Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, English, German, Hebrew, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, […]

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Time Capsule – capturing 2020 challenge the Covid19

Presenting the Time capsule Time is relative. What we feel and experience today, no matter how good or how difficult it is, might not have the same importance for us tomorrow. Especially the pain and the fear may seem unbearable now when we live and feel them, but when it comes to pass, the distance […]

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Intrapersonal relationship: have you ever thought about it?

When we talk about relationship, the first thing that comes to our mind is romantic relationships. However, we have three kind of relationships: intrapersonal (from us to ourselves), interpersonal (from us to others: friends, family, work etc.) and, of course, romantic love, between two parts (or more). In this article, I want to discuss interpersonal […]

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Taking control of your life

In the beginning of this year, the Covid-19 came to show us that we do not have any control of our lives. It has shown to us that everything can chance overnight. In one day, we were living our ordinary life, working and gathering with our friends and family. In another, we were just forbidden […]

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My 3/30 days Ramadan experience

Since a child, I have learned quite a lot of nonsense about Arabic culture. Now I have been able to realize with my own eyes how misled I have been. In a nutshell, we are used to hearing in the Media and even at school of how backward the Arabic’s are, how they do not […]

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Comfort zone: jump out!

Do you know when is the time to change? Not too far from today, in 2019 I occupied a relatively good position in a multinational Brazilian company, position in which I worked hard to achieve. And still I had great chances of promotion and the possibility of building a successful career in Corporate Communication. I […]

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Positivism during coronavirus – “Corona Virus Got Talent”

“Being happy doesn’t mean everything is perfect. This means that you have decided to look beyond the imperfections” Aristotle Apart from the fact that these few months are a time of sanitary challenge, social isolation and personal wake up… so it is the perfect time for the start of a new world show called “Corona […]

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Like old sailors: I chose to face my fears!

If three years ago someone had told me that in April 2020, we will be living on a situation of enclosure, I would have never believed. Living confined with no human contacts sounds even now unreal. On the bright side, this current situation has given me enough time to travel back in time to record […]

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“Positivism during corona virus – opportunities within the challenge”

Corona virus or COVID-19… it is not a new topic. There is so much information about it, so much is written; our attention is still so focused on it – either by following the development of the situation in the news, or the jokes in the social media. Although it is a difficult and challenging […]

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Little happiness at Covid-times

I have once shared with you my little childhood happiness, those past moments that will no longer come back to me. Nevertheless, we are now living a time that will be marked in history as the time when Covid-19 invaded our lives. So, today I ask you what memories are you building now for the […]