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Dublin through the eyes of a Brazilian filmmaker

My name is Raquel Freire, 30, I am a journalist with a specialization in Business Communications. Last year, in 2019, I decided to change my career and my life. I want to become a filmmaker and follow my purpose in life. On January this year I came to Dublin in order to improve my English. […]

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London: Love at the first sight

Traveling abroad has been always a dream for me. I was born in a very small city in Bahia where traveling inside the borders was not so easy, even worse offshore. January 17th, 2014 was the day when I arrived in London for the first time. It was also my first international experience, so you […]

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On February 15 I was born. And, so the story begins…

Throughout the years I have celebrated many birthdays. When I was a kid, I loved this day as I wasgetting all the attention, I used to organize big parties, invite everybody; getting lots of presents. Allthis commotion and the love and care of my parents made me feel like a real Princess. As I was […]


Travel regardless your troubles

What was I feeling like?  Suddenly, I got a huge disappointment in my life (I prefer not to say the reason or even what had happened with me). It was just like my world lost all sense, I was completely devastated, I didn’t know how I could survive. As a result, I started to practice […]

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A traveller’s soul awakens

Travelling was not a big part of my life when I was growing up. I came from a very poor background and traveling was not something we could afford back then. However, I have always loved reading. Books were my best friends. I would spend hours up in a tree with a book in my […]

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Why I decided to travel abroad?

I have always had that feeling of going away, but where to go, I didn’t know. Worse than that, I didn’t have enough money, though there was a strong desire in my heart. So, I decided to work hard to save almost all my money earned. A lot of issues filled my mind as I […]

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Mount St. Michel – a ‘reversed pilgrimage’

There are many places in Europe famous for its pilgrimages, for instance, Santiago de Compostela in Spain. I had myself also the chance to visit one of them, Mount St. Michel, one of the western wonders built-in 709. A place in Normandie was almost one thousand years, people of all genders and age walked the […]

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Saint-Malo – an ancient walled city

It was my first weekend in Rennes, and I had already a trip to go. The association Move & Share had prepared this trip to Saint-Malo at 12 euros. Although I was exhausted with all the moving and starting my life in Rennes with some much going on; French test, writing and oral, then studying […]

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Life in Rennes: my first impressions

I have been friendly welcomed by the University. Previously my departure, I had been contacted by the college association Move & Share to be informed that my French body would collect me at the bus station to take me to the CROUS accommodation. And that is how it went on, the poor boy had to […]

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Why did I leave Ireland?

After living in Ireland for more than 3 years, I have concluded that I needed a another change in life! So, I have chosen to pursue an old dream of learning French and for that, there is no better way than moving to France. There are many more reasons why France was my choice nº […]