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The darkest side of living abroad: better do not speak about it, but it still exists

I have always been acknowledged as an optimistic person. And indeed, I am. If it were not for this characteristic of mine, I would have never gone so far. For someone born in a city with less than 32,000 inhabitants, most of my close girlfriends got pregnant at 14. Not surprisingly, no one could believe […]

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Позитивизъм по време на корона вирус – „Корона вирус търси талант“

“Да бъдеш щастлив не означава, че всичко е перфектно. Това означава, че сте решили да погледнете отвъд несъвършенствата“ Аристотел  „Корона вирус търси талант“ Тези няколко месеца са време на санитарно предизвикателство, на равносметка и личностно израстване…а също така дават почва и за развитието на едно ново световно шоу, наречено „Корона вирус търси талант“, в което […]

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Positivism during coronavirus – “Corona Virus Got Talent”

“Being happy doesn’t mean everything is perfect. This means that you have decided to look beyond the imperfections” Aristotle Apart from the fact that these few months are a time of sanitary challenge, social isolation and personal wake up… so it is the perfect time for the start of a new world show called “Corona […]

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“Positivism during corona virus – opportunities within the challenge”

Corona virus or COVID-19… it is not a new topic. There is so much information about it, so much is written; our attention is still so focused on it – either by following the development of the situation in the news, or the jokes in the social media. Although it is a difficult and challenging […]

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On February 15 I was born. And, so the story begins…

Throughout the years I have celebrated many birthdays. When I was a kid, I loved this day as I wasgetting all the attention, I used to organize big parties, invite everybody; getting lots of presents. Allthis commotion and the love and care of my parents made me feel like a real Princess. As I was […]

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Mon petit bonheur d’enfance

Quand j’étais une petite fille, j’étais heureuse, mais je ne le savais pas. Je me souviens que j’adorais rentrer à la maison après l’école, jeter mon sac à dos sur le lit et courir pour jouer avec ma sœur et mes camarades de classe ; il n’y avait pas de temps à perdre. De retour chez […]

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Mont St. Michel: uma peregrinação inversa

Há diversos lugares na Europa conhecidos por suas famosas peregrinações e romarias como Santiago de Compostela, na Espanha. Eu mesma tive a oportunidade de visitar um desses lugares, o Mont St. Michel, uma das maravilhas ocidentais contruídas em 709. Sobre o monte Essa foi a segunda viagem que fiz desde à minha chegada à Rennes, […]

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Saint-Malo – an ancient walled city

It was my first weekend in Rennes, and I had already a trip to go. The association Move & Share had prepared this trip to Saint-Malo at 12 euros. Although I was exhausted with all the moving and starting my life in Rennes with some much going on; French test, writing and oral, then studying […]

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Saint-Malo : une ville intra-muros !

C’était mon premier week-end à Rennes et j’avais déjà un voyage à faire. L’association Move & Share avait préparé ce voyage à Saint Malo au prix de 12 euros. Malgré ma fatigue, par tout ce qui bougeait et commençais ma vie à Rennes avec beaucoup de choses à faire (test de français, écrit et oral, […]

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Life in Rennes: my first impressions

I have been friendly welcomed by the University. Previously my departure, I had been contacted by the college association Move & Share to be informed that my French body would collect me at the bus station to take me to the CROUS accommodation. And that is how it went on, the poor boy had to […]