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Teach your language in France: application is open

Have been waiting for an opportunity to live in France? So, this is your great chance. The French Government accepts now applications from students wiling to become a Foreign language assistant in France. To participate, you need to: Be a native speaker of the following languages: Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, English, German, Hebrew, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, […]

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The darkest side of living abroad: better do not speak about it, but it still exists

I have always been acknowledged as an optimistic person. And indeed, I am. If it were not for this characteristic of mine, I would have never gone so far. For someone born in a city with less than 32,000 inhabitants, most of my close girlfriends got pregnant at 14. Not surprisingly, no one could believe […]

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Time Capsule – capturing 2020 challenge the Covid19

Presenting the Time capsule Time is relative. What we feel and experience today, no matter how good or how difficult it is, might not have the same importance for us tomorrow. Especially the pain and the fear may seem unbearable now when we live and feel them, but when it comes to pass, the distance […]

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La voilà : rapport d’une brésilienne en France !

Je suis arrivée en Rennes début septembre 2019. J’avais hâte de commencer un nouveau départ en découvrant une nouvelle culture et un nouveau style de vie. Je me disais que les français ne font que boire du vin et manger du pain avec du fromage tous les jours, en profitant en permanence de la ‘belle […]

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Like old sailors: I chose to face my fears!

If three years ago someone had told me that in April 2020, we will be living on a situation of enclosure, I would have never believed. Living confined with no human contacts sounds even now unreal. On the bright side, this current situation has given me enough time to travel back in time to record […]

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Coronavirus: an opportunity to change our lives

  For many people being at home with no prediction of when they will have their social life back again is terrifying. In some cases, is even worse than the Coronavirus (Covid-19) itself. Many people cannot face their own diseases. As a Journalist and now a student living abroad, I am facing myself this isolation […]

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Coronavirus: What is in the air?

Regardless what is going on ‘almost’ everywhere in the world, we are all striving to keep on going. Every day, I woke up, brush my teeth, put on clothes, some days make-up, some days, even before combing my hair I move to my office, just beside by bed, to start my online classes. I have […]