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Позитивизъм по време на корона вирус – „Корона вирус търси талант“

“Да бъдеш щастлив не означава, че всичко е перфектно. Това означава, че сте решили да погледнете отвъд несъвършенствата“ Аристотел  „Корона вирус търси талант“ Тези няколко месеца са време на санитарно предизвикателство, на равносметка и личностно израстване…а също така дават почва и за развитието на едно ново световно шоу, наречено „Корона вирус търси талант“, в което […]

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Positivism during coronavirus – “Corona Virus Got Talent”

“Being happy doesn’t mean everything is perfect. This means that you have decided to look beyond the imperfections” Aristotle Apart from the fact that these few months are a time of sanitary challenge, social isolation and personal wake up… so it is the perfect time for the start of a new world show called “Corona […]

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Coronavirus: an opportunity to change our lives

  For many people being at home with no prediction of when they will have their social life back again is terrifying. In some cases, is even worse than the Coronavirus (Covid-19) itself. Many people cannot face their own diseases. As a Journalist and now a student living abroad, I am facing myself this isolation […]

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Coronavirus: What is in the air?

Regardless what is going on ‘almost’ everywhere in the world, we are all striving to keep on going. Every day, I woke up, brush my teeth, put on clothes, some days make-up, some days, even before combing my hair I move to my office, just beside by bed, to start my online classes. I have […]