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Dublin through the eyes of a Brazilian filmmaker

My name is Raquel Freire, 30, I am a journalist with a specialization in Business Communications. Last year, in 2019, I decided to change my career and my life. I want to become a filmmaker and follow my purpose in life. On January this year I came to Dublin in order to improve my English. […]

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London: Love at the first sight

Traveling abroad has been always a dream for me. I was born in a very small city in Bahia where traveling inside the borders was not so easy, even worse offshore. January 17th, 2014 was the day when I arrived in London for the first time. It was also my first international experience, so you […]


Travel regardless your troubles

What was I feeling like?  Suddenly, I got a huge disappointment in my life (I prefer not to say the reason or even what had happened with me). It was just like my world lost all sense, I was completely devastated, I didn’t know how I could survive. As a result, I started to practice […]