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Intrapersonal relationship: have you ever thought about it?

When we talk about relationship, the first thing that comes to our mind is romantic relationships. However, we have three kind of relationships: intrapersonal (from us to ourselves), interpersonal (from us to others: friends, family, work etc.) and, of course, romantic love, between two parts (or more). In this article, I want to discuss interpersonal […]

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Taking control of your life

In the beginning of this year, the Covid-19 came to show us that we do not have any control of our lives. It has shown to us that everything can chance overnight. In one day, we were living our ordinary life, working and gathering with our friends and family. In another, we were just forbidden […]


A blog 4 all!

We are millions of people living abroad, venturing our lives into the unknown. Every day we discover new things, we expand, enlarger, broaden our horizons! And we want to share this new world that opens in front of our eyes with you and among ourselves, through photography, video, and text. This blog is a daring […]